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first editorial piece for DigBoston! 
the article I’m illustrating for this semester is the “Oh Cruel World” feature, this weeks piece was about someone who acts really hard to conceal their secret love for mainstream pop music aka everything at the Grammy’s heheh
Four of Pentacles
my artwork for the tarot card project run by the illustration club at AIB that I ended up winning a prize for weeeeeeeee


sneak preeev of what I’m doing for my transparent final, gonna finish this piece and the other matching portrait tonight. i’ll post the finishes tomorrow 

sluttysparks-deactivated2013120 asked: so I just accidentally stumbled into your tumblr and omg, I'm so in love with everything you post

oh wow this is wonderful thank you so much! :)

two puppets I made for my stop motion final! 

a portrait of john rainis ~
erin does valentines 2013

a quick guide to knowing about witches